The Most Creative Experience in the Funk Zone

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Funk Factory: The Most Creative Experience in the Funk Zone

SANTA BARBARA – One of the most difficult challenges to overcome when visiting a popular city like Santa Barbara is finding ways to engage authentically with the community and be a part of the scene, instead of just drifting through cafes and wine bars like a “typical tourist”.  Enter the Funk Factory. Far and away from anything you could call a canned experience, the Funk Factory is a multi-faceted interactive art studio where you can make your mark and walk away with custom apparel or other artwork that will keep you smiling about your SB trip for years to come.

Founded by the Lamar siblings in 2019

The Funk Factory is ideal for corporate team building events, bachelor(ette) parties, or simply trying something new.  The venue, located in an historic fishing net barn in the heart of the Funk Zone, has three main activities tailored to get your creative juices flowing and provide a variety of ways for you and your crew to really engage and express a feeling or idea without worrying about the materials, or more importantly, the clean up.  

Luke, the oldest of the Lamar siblings, not only paints and shows his own Neo-Surrealist works in the factory but teaches workshops on oil painting and stone carving for artists of all skill levels.  Having worked his entire career exclusively as an artist, Luke’s classes come from a place of experience and introspection.

His wings in the art world come from years of selling his work professionally in galleries from LA to SF, as well as studying stone carving in Pietra Santa, Tuscany.  Each workshop is customized and even beginners are able to walk away with gallery-quality pieces they will be proud to share with friends and family. “The important thing when I have a group in the studio,” Luke explains, “is making sure everybody is able to find the connection between their intentions and their work.”

Just a couple years younger than Luke, Micah Lamar is a bird of a different feather but still a dedicated artist.  Working for years as a glass artist in New Zealand, Arizona, and California, Micah took a decade-long break from glass to found and grow his own tech company,, which now operates alongside the creative activities in the Factory. 

He collaborates heavily on that operation with the youngest brother Aaron, who just so happens to be a bonafide tech genius.  (Gamers take note: Aaron built a retro-style arcade gaming cabinet from scratch using modern components and Raspberry Pi.) 

Funk Factory’s flagship Splatter Painting Experience

Merging apparel design, paint, and dance, the Splatter Chamber is an activity like none other and is the most popular way to get down in the Funk Factory.  The team curates a collection of bespoke apparel from tees and hoodies to shoes, handbags, and more, which can be hung strategically behind an expanded steel impact barrier.  After you don the requisite Tyvek suit and safety goggles, the music comes up and you find yourself with a seemingly endless supply of paint-filled balloons, graffiti pens, brushes and more.  You can even throw a few blank canvases on the range at the same time to create Pollack-Esque wall pieces.  

Given the Funk Factory’s proximity to more traditional activities like dining and the beach, it’s a fresh and easy way to deviate from the norm on any trip to SB, dovetailing nicely with any group itinerary and close to the freeway, train station, and State Street.  And while reservations are a safe bet, the Lamars make it a point to keep the big yellow doors open for walk-ins. Check out or swing by 208 Gray Avenue, and get funky!

For questions or more information, you can email writer Sam Kulla at or visit the Funk Factory website at