An Artistic Hub: Funk Factory Brings a New Twist to Interactive Experiences

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In the last five years, the arts district of Santa Barbara, called the ‘Funk Zone’ has been dusted off and polished up to become quite the gem. Within the Funk Zone, you’ll find hidden studios along with premier galleries, wine tasting rooms, and funky elegant boutiques. Much like the arts district of downtown L.A. it’s all hiding in plain sight.

One of the Funk Zones newest studio/galleries, Funk Factory, has created quite the artistic hub, including ongoing music events, comedy shows, installations and a very unique interactive art experience open to the public. 

Photo by Andreina Diaz

It’s been seven months since the Lamar bothers, the founders of Funk Factory, opened their doors. Offering the community and international tourists alike a chance to be apart of their hand-built, one-of-a-kind studio/gallery environment. You can see original oil paintings, created in-house by L.C. Lamar, high-end sculptural glass art by Micah Lamar, and innovative tech and art fusions by Aaron Lamar. As if the contemporary artworks were not enough they have put their heads together to do something they’ve never done before and set a new pace to galleries — a wildly freeing Interactive Art Experience that has gained popularity among companies seeking off-site team building, couples on date night, families of all sizes and everyday walk-in crowds. There really isn’t anything quite like it.

The idea for an Interactive Art Experience first took root in L.C.’s last studio space in Carmel-By-The-Sea just one block from his premier Gallery off Ocean Avenue. Over the years his studios have always been a melting pot of fellow artists, writers, producers, and musicians. He found that the long term collector and art appreciator always wanted to see the beating heart of creativity behind the gallery walls. These gatherings often included group paintings and drawing games passed down from the Surrealists of the 1800s. L.C. would staple some raw canvas to the wall and open up his supplies to everyone, casually guiding them to find their voice beyond the paint and brush. 

L.C. shares, “It was then that I began to realize how important it was to find a way to merge these two worlds. Selling art was never a means to an end. It was a way to share what I love and the studio is where the passion is most evident.” 

Finding a way to fuse the gallery and studio together, L.C. tested his idea at a few different events. He originally called it the “Cathartic Chamber”. A place, fully sealed where people could splash and splatter paint to their hearts desire without the need for lessons, reason and prior thought, it would be pure creativity. L.C.’s own process for underpainting with his large oil pieces was derived from the natural chaos element as well, depicting as he called it a “Kinetic energy that exists behind what we can see”. 

The Lamar brothers grew up in the art world with their Father, Howard Lamar who spearheaded multiple family galleries up and down the coast. As such, the brothers were familiar with the clean elegant decor of a fine art gallery and also the beautiful mess of their fathers’ studio with the usual smell of paint, brushes soaking in water and turpentine along with half-finished paintings collecting in every corner. The Funk Factory is a continuation of how they live and breathe the art world and bring that passion to the community of Santa Barbara. 


Now you can join in on the fun and create art as you’ve never been able to before — from custom canvases to streetwear, skate decks, surfboards and so much more. Located in the heart of the Funk Zone at the corner of Yanonali and Gray ave. Look for the big orange door.                                       

Funk Factory can be found on Instagram and Facebook @funkfactorysb

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